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....Aerial Yoga Instructor Course..空中瑜伽教练班 ....

....4 days..4天....

....starting 14 september!..9月14号开课!....


Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Course certified by Yoga Alliance!

Take the next step in your aerial yoga journey by becoming an international accredited aerial yoga instructor by Yoga Alliance. International accredited aerial yoga instructor training course and internationally recognised certification.

Learn the inner workings of an aerial yoga class as well as delivering a memorable, safe and fun class.

Date: Sep. 14, 15, 21, 22 (4 days)
Time: 9am – 5pm (Full day course)
Course fee: SGD 1,399 ( For the 1st 8 signups), SGD $1,499 (subsequent 7 signups)

Contact Sophia at +65 8518-5001 for more information!



证书由Yoga Alliance颁发(这是全世界都承认的)Yoga Alliance的证书是瑜伽界最有含金量的!



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