....Mother and Child Bellydance..亲子肚皮舞班....

....8 classes | 60 MINUTES..8节课 | 60分钟....

Dream Dance and Yoga Zumba Bellydance Fitness Class


As mothers, wouldn't it be great to help develop confidence, focus, and strength in your own kids?

We want to help moms get their kids moving and improve the mother-daughter bond!

While traditional team sports are a great way to get your kids physically active, they may not be right for everyone. Dance classes are a wonderful alternative to team sports and kids can start as early as 4 years old. Participating in dance classes can have benefits for children of all ages, such as improving overall physical health, social benefits, building character, and improved self esteem.

Class structure:

  • Each class is 60 minutes

    • 20 minutes dedicated to basic ballet. This is to loosen up through stretching, increased flexibility, better focus and learning the basic ballet postures which will be useful for the bellydancing class.

    • 40 minutes will be dedicated to basic Belly Dancing, where mothers and children will learn the steps and basic movements of the dance.

About the Instructor

Our founder and master Belly Dance instructor, Ms Sophia Meng, is a mother of 2 and will be teaching this class personally. Sophia will create a unique and original level 1 Belly Dance choreography in this 8-class series that the mother and daughter will be able to perform at the end of the class. As a mom of 2, she knows how difficult it can sometimes be for mothers and children to fit exercise into their routine.

So, are you ready to start this journey with your kids together with our Master Sophia Meng?

SIGN UP NOW and see the difference dancing can make to you, your kids, and your family life!









由创办人Sophia Meng 肚皮舞冠军导师亲自授课!